Welcome to Albert Health Services - Edmonton Zone's Restaurant Inspection website. This site is designed to provide information to the public regarding Alberta Health Services’s inspections of restaurants in Edmonton and area, including the City of Edmonton and surrounding communities.

Information posted here is based on inspections conducted by Alberta Health Services’ Environmental Health Officers, who complete more than 26,000 inspections of almost 8,000 food facilities in Edmonton and area annually. Each restaurant is inspected for compliance with legislation and standards approved by Alberta Health and Wellness. Where violations are identified, a restaurant is required to take corrective action and follow-up inspections are done to ensure all violations are satisfactorily addressed.

In most cases, information is posted to this site within one week of the inspection date. For each restaurant, critical violations observed during the five most recent monitoring inspections since April 1, 2008 and any inspections conducted between monitoring inspections (including re-inspections) are provided. Visitors to this site are encouraged to browse this history before making any conclusions about a restaurant.

Inspection results may be searched by:

  • the name of a restaurant;
  • the city, town or municipality where the restaurant is located; or
  • browsing the alphabetical listing.

While every effort is made to keep the information on this website up-to-date and accurate, Alberta Health Services cannot guarantee that all information is accurate, complete or current at all times. No endorsement of any restaurant is expressed or implied by any information, material or content included on this website.

If you have a complaint, discover a discrepancy in the information pertaining to a restaurant/mobile vendor or if there is a restaurant/mobile vendor not listed on our website, please email us at restaurantinspections@albertahealthservices.ca (Edmonton Zone Only) with the name and address of the restaurant and the specifics of your concern. Alternatively, you may also call 780-735-1800 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

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